Cave-in Repairs

Cave-in RepairsAs underground drainage systems age, occasionally failures in the pipes and joints can cause cave-ins. Cave-ins result when stormwater washes surrounding soil into the pipe or structure. They are easily identifiable by depressions in the soil or pavement. To report a cave-in, contact the Chesapeake Customer Contact Center at 757-382-CITY (2489).

Repairing cave-ins can range from simply filling in the area, to excavation and replacement of pipes. In some cases, placing filter fabric in the depression and backfilling will solve the problem. Other times, the soil has to be excavated from around the pipe or structure. The failing joint is wrapped in filter fabric, and the hole is backfilled. Because of the large backlog of cave-ins needing to be repaired, Public Works may have to fill a cave-in several times before a permanent repair can be done.

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