Stormwater Management Division


What is stormwater and why am I paying for it? 

The Stormwater Utility Fee funds the state and federally mandated Comprehensive Stormwater Management Program (CSMP).  This includes things like the maintenance and repair of public ditches, stormwater pipe systems, and other drainage structures, water quality and flooding capital improvement projects, investigation and prevention of pollution discharges, and more. 

Out in the Field

In the Community


Report It!

If you see a company or citizen dumping an illicit discharge down a catch basin, in a ditch, etc. please report it by calling 757-382-CITY (2489). Provide as much information as possible (license plate of car, what they appear to be dumping, etc.) and a stormwater employee will be dispatched to investigate the situation.

Drainage Problems?

Chesapeake Stormwater Operations manages the City's vast network of stormwater ditches, pipes and structures. If you experience problems with the system that is resulting in flooding, call the Customer Contact Center at 757-382-2489 to report the problem as soon as possible! Most requests for assistance are investigated within 14 working days.