Resource Management Division

The Public Works Resource Management Division is comprised of three major components:

Customer Service Division

The Customer Service Division processes calls reported to 757-382-CITY (2489). Calls are logged into the computer and distributed to divisions responsible for resolving problems.

Accounting Division

The Accounting Division processes over $13 million in invoices annually, coordinates and track the department's operating a capital improvement budget and manages the payroll of over 500 employees.

Safety Programs

Public Works manages a Safety Program to ensure that procedures and precautions are followed to minimize work-related accidents. The hallmark of the Department's safety initiatives is the Safe Driving Program, which is designed to increase driver proficiency and skill. For some Public Works equipment operators, their entire day can be behind the wheel of a City vehicle. Many of our equipment operators have accumulated 20, 25, 35 and up to 45 years of driving without an accident.

Many members of the Public Works team have to spend their days doing hard physical labor, often in adverse and dangerous conditions, exposed to the elements in areas where snakes, mosquitoes and traffic are a common part of the day's work.

Because of the ever-present hazards of the work environment, Public Works employees follow rigorous safety guidelines to keep work-related accidents to a minimum.