Unsolved Crimes

You May Make a Difference in Solving a Crime

It is crucial that citizens and the police department work together in solving crime. Any information regarding an unsolved crime may be the difference in bringing a criminal to justice and bringing closure for the victims of a crime. In many cases, witnesses to a crime may know information that could solve the case or identify the suspects, but they may be afraid to talk to the police, may not realize the importance of the information they know or may not want to talk to the police at the scene. Often, those witnesses will talk about what they saw or know with their family or friends. If you are a witness or learned information about a crime, you can help us solve the crime by providing that information to the police.

  1. What You Can Do if You Have Any Information

If you have any information regarding an unsolved case, your tip may help to solve the case or identify the suspects and you can remain anonymous. If you have information about any crime, the location of any wanted person, or the location of stolen property, please contact us by telephone, online or by app. Using any of the methods below, you and your tip will remain totally anonymous. Your phone number or computer address will not be displayed or identified.

1. By Telephone via Chesapeake Crime Line at 1-888-562-5887 (LOCK-U-UP) - when prompted use option 4 for Chesapeake

2. Online at the Chesapeake Crime Line Form

3. Mobile app "P3TIPS" (available for most smartphones)

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