Snow & Debris Removal

Although heavy snowstorms are rare in Hampton Roads, the Department of Public Works is prepared to clear and treat roads when snowfalls occur. The traditional method of salt and sand is spread on top of snow and ice to be effective, while the newest method of brine solution can be sprayed prior to or during an event. Special attention is given to overpasses, bridges and intersections. To maintain the City's transportation network, roads are cleared in the following order: arterial roads and highways, major streets and collector streets. Public Works does not clear or treat residential side streets during snowfalls.

During snowstorms, police reports help direct snow removal efforts so Public Works can treat roads where snow and ice pose the greatest risks to travelers.

Motorists are reminded to yield to snow removal trucks, and never follow too closely to spreaders.

To learn more about how the Public Works Department responds to weather emergencies, visit the Weather Emergencies page.