Permits, Bonds & Right of Way

Permits & Bonds

The City may require permits and bonds for excavation, land disturbing and construction. The required permits and bonds may vary depending on the activity. Original documents must be submitted for review by the Department of Public Works and the City Attorney's Office.

For information on permit applications, email Somer Dimaya with the Department of Development and Permits or call 757-382-8298.


The Right-of-Way Division handles land acquisition of the necessary right-of-way and easements for both City and State highway projects as well as City water and sewer projects and other City projects as required. When negotiating with property owners for the purchase of right-of-way, an independent state licensed fee appraiser is used to determine the current fair-market value. This is to ensure fair and equitable treatment for all property owners.

For the City to construct efficient utility, transportation and drainage systems for its citizens, parcels of privately owned land are often needed. The City has a right by the State Code to acquire the land needed for these projects. Without that right, it would be impossible to meet the demands of the City's growing population and transportation requirements.

For more information about Right-of-Way email Jeane B. Rella or call 757-382-6308 or 757-382-6101. You can also contact Rella at the Public Works Right-of-Way Division, 411 Cedar Road, Chesapeake, VA 23322.

City Properties for Sale

When the City sells property through sealed bids, find information about the properties and appropriate forms online.

City Properties for Lease

Find information about request for proposals for farm lease.