City of Chesapeake Tree Removal Policy

The City of Chesapeake will remove the following:

  • All downed trees from both City right-of-way and private property that are City-owned trees. City-owned trees are those whose trunk (or center of trunk) is within the City right-of-way or on City property. A "right of entry" agreement will be required to allow City forces to enter onto private property.
  • Broken limbs overhanging the City right-of-way.
  • All portions of downed privately owned trees from City right-of-way. Note: The remaining portion of tree is responsibility of private property owner.
  • For trees on private property that obstruct public drainage, the City will remove only that portion of the tree within the City's easement that is obstructing drainage. Note: The remaining portion of tree is responsibility of private property owner.
  • Standing City trees that are dangerously leaning, dead, diseased or otherwise determined by a certified arborist as appropriate to be removed. The City will not normally consider citizen requests to remove healthy standing City trees. Removal by the adjacent owner, at their expense with proper City right-of-way permits, may be considered on a case-by-case basis and approved by the Public Works Director.

The City of Chesapeake will not remove the following:

  • All trees on private property that are completely within the boundaries of private property.
  • Branches and limbs of City-owned trees overhanging private property. Note: The property owner reserves the right to trim or remove branches or limbs from City-owned trees that overhang their property.

The City is not responsible for damage to private property caused by storm events or other acts of God. Residential tree debris (that will not fit in bags) will be collected by the City Public Works Department from the curbside through bulk trash collection request. Residents should request collection of limbs and branches by calling 757-382-2489 or using the online request form.

Once collection is requested, residents are asked to place tree debris at the curbside away from vehicles, utility poles, fire hydrants, and other objects. Tree debris that will fit in bags should be bagged and placed at the curbside on the normal scheduled trash collection day.

Collection of residential tree debris may be temporarily suspended due to operational demands, and the City may implement mass collections following severe weather events. Waste collection rules will be separately published for each event. Information about changes to the collection policy will be provided through the Public Works Homepage and by calling 757-382-2489.